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Department of Patients & Visitors

Patient's Rights

You have the Right
• To Be Treated with Respect and Courtesy.
• To Make a Treatment Choice.
• To give your informed consent or informed refusal for treatment.
• To know the names/titles of your caregivers.
• To understand your diagnosis and treatment, as well as the possible outcomes, risks and benefits of your care.
• To have information regarding your medical treatment explained to your family member or other appropriate individual when you are unable to participate in decisions about your care.
• To include or exclude your family members and/or others involved in decisions about your care.
• To obtain Your Medical Records.
• To privacy of Your Medical Records.
• To confidentiality about Messages between you and your doctor, Hospital charts, test results and X-rays must be kept private..
• To leave the hospital even if your doctor advises against it. If you decide to leave before the doctor’s advice, the hospital will not be responsible for the consequences. You would be asked to sign a Discharge against medical advice form.
• To understand and receive information on the payment of hospital bills on a day-to-day basis in accordance with the policies of the hospital.
• To a safe environment.

Patient's Responsibilities

You have to
• Maintain healthy habits.
• Be respectful to providers, other patients, and the hospital property.
• Be honest with providers.
• Comply with treatment plans.
• Prepare for emergencies.
• Make decisions responsibly.
• Understand prescription drugs and their possible effects.
• Meet financial obligations.
• Report fraud and wrongdoing.
• Avoid putting others at risk.
• Follow your caregivers’ instructions and help them in their efforts to return you to health.
• Abide by hospital policies, rules and regulations. Comply with the ‘no smoking-no alcohol-no spitting' policy; be considerate of the noise levels and the privacy of other patients.
• To keep your appointments.
• To inform the hospital if you believe your rights have been violated.

Suggested items to bring to hospital
• Your admission letter from the hospital and any forms sent by the hospital.
• Any letters from your doctor.
• X-rays, scans or reports of any diagnostic tests.
• Current medication, including any "natural" remedies you may use.
• Health Insurance Card/Cashless card.
• Name and contact details for next of kin.
• Small amount of money for a taxi fare home, if necessary.
• Mobile phone (check with the hospital for area restriction).
• Eye glasses, Hearing aid etc..
• Special toy, bottle for children if they have one.

Personal items for patients staying overnight or for a few days.
• Nightclothes, and dressing gown if desired.
• Non-slip slippers/footwear.
• Comfortable day wear - if you wish to dress during the day, and underwear.
• Toiletries (toothbrush and paste, hair brush, comb, soap etc).

Items not to be brought to the hospital:
• Large amounts of money or several credit cards.
• Jewellery or other valuables.
• Alcohol.

Discharge Time
Make a detailed list of:.
• your doctor's contact details.
• who to contact should complications arise.
• your medication schedule and instructions.
• a list of instructions to follow after surgery - when and what to eat/drink, restrictions, exercise, etc.
• dates, times and locations of follow-up appointments.

Location & Visitor Information

Know where you’re going before you go